Whiteraven's Dream

Out of the darkness come fierce warriors-members of your own Que-Kiri tribe! You see their expressionless faces, and realize that they are lost to evil.

They scream at you: “You brought the blue crystal staff among us! Your fault! The destruction of our village was your fault!”

You fight because you must, but tears run down your cheeks as you cut down people you loved dearly. Despair, guilt, and horror oppress your soul. Yet you fight on. Around you your friends die, one by one.

You defeat your tribesmen, and reach Elistan’s cage. You step forward, and with a mighty blow shatter the golden lock. Elistan steps out and looks at you serenely. He isn’t scared or angry. Without changing his expression, a sword appears in his hand and he runs it through your stomach.

Elistan reaches down to you, grabs the medallion around your neck, and tears it from you. The last thing you see before you die is Elistan transforming into Verminaard.

Whiteraven's Dream

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