Tika Waylan

Thief turned Barmaid turned fighter turned hero?


Age 20. Curly red hair and green eyes. Covered in freckles. Abandoned by her ne’erdowell father Alleran at 8. Never knew her mother. Adopted by Otik. Sees Otik as her father and Vanthanoris as her grandfather in all but blood.

Agreed to Otik’s suggestion to let Whiteraven stay in her house until she had found her own home. Unfortunately, the fight with Hederick happened first and Tika’s home is now ashes along with the most of Solace and her people.

The companions rescued her in the dungeons of Pax Tharkas shortly before she was taken to warm Verminaard’s bed.

Killed a Fireshadow with the Hammer of Honor.

Tika Waylan

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