Loren Soth

Death Knight of Dargaard Keep


Former Knight of the Rose, known as the Knight of the Black Rose. Eternal Lord of Dargaard Keep.

Loren Soth is the most infamous Knight of Solamnia. He is as well known for bad reasons in Solamnia, as Huma is known for good reasons. There are so many different stories and rumors about him both in and out of Solamnia that it’s hard to know what the true history is.

What all the stories agree on is that he was once the most righteous and just Knight of the Rose of his generation, just before the Cataclysm. On patrol one day, he and his knights rescued a group of Silvanesti clerics traveling from Palanthas to Istar, he fell madly in love with one of them, a maiden named Isolde.

In his madness, in order to be with her he murdered his wife and child. When his new wife discovered his crime, she refused to believe Soth was capable of such perverted evil and stayed loyal to him.

A cheater sees his crime in others, and so Soth came to accuse Isolde of adultery. The Cataclysm began in the middle of their argument. Refusing to rescue Isolde and their child from the flames now engulfing his castle, she, seeing him as he was for the first time, called down a curse with her dying breath upon him leaving him in his current state. Since then, Dargaard Keep in Eastern Solamnia has been considered haunted and certain death for anyone who enters.

After the Dragonarmy conquered Eastern Solamnia, new rumors started. That Soth has left his castle and now walks among the living. If so, why? What could be his motivation?

Loren Soth

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