Kitiara Uth Matar

The Missing Companion


Age 34. The Dragon Highlord of the Blue Dragonarmy. Her dragon partner is Skie. Curly brown hair and charming smile. Tomboy. Cocky and confident. Passionate and far seeing.

Father was former? current? fake? Solamnic Knight Gregor Uth Matar. Mother was Solace native Rosamun Aelan.

Siegfried’s girlfriend and friend of Micah and Vanthanoris. Siegfried was excited to see her after five years. Instead, Tika handed him a letter delivered by a mysterious hooded figure.

Kitiara’s Letter

Joined the Dragonarmy four years ago in 348 AC and quickly rose through the ranks. Will stop at nothing to claim what she feels entitled to:

Ansalon and Siegfried’s heart.

Slew Siegfried at the Battle of the High Christ’s Tower.

Kitiara Uth Matar

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