The Witch from Khur


Black Robe mage. From Khur. A concubine of Ariakas. Prefers wearing her native clothing to her black robes when she can.

Approached the Companions with an offer. She’s unsure which side will win the war and upset with the shabby treatment mages receive in the Dragonarmies relative to clerics, so she wants to hedge her bets. In return for a promise of future asylum, she revealed the grand secret known only to Ariakas, the evil dragons, and a few of Takhisis’s high ranking clerics.

This entire war is a sham. Takhisis’s plan is not to conquer Krynn through force of arms but instead to come to Krynn herself like she did during the Great Dragon War until banished by Huma. Not an avatar, herself. The reason why she hasn’t already is that she’s missing the key. Iolanthe doesn’t know what the key is. But this entire war is a smoke screen so that the dragons assigned to each Dragonarmy can find it. Once they do, the forces of light lose. In other words, staying on defensive like the Elves want means that the free nations of Ansalon lose. Tick tock.


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