Huma Dragonbane

The Savior of the World


The greatest knight, hero, and man to ever live. Everyone on Ansalon knows and honors (or curses) his name. After years of war during the Great Dragon War, Huma was gifted the Dragonlance by the gods of good themselves and defeated Takhisis’s avatar in single combat. He banished her and all the dragons into the Abyss.

There are MANY MANY legends, songs and poems of Huma that have developed in the 1,300 years since. They are always a favorite of a bard or storyteller and their audience. There are even stage plays. He is said to have befriended mages, had minotaurs serving him and even convinced a dragon into switching sides. The truth of any of these stories is unknown.

Except apparently he did recruit a dragon, Gwyneth, and even fell in love with her and the Dragonlance is real too… so much for children’s bedtime stories.

Huma Dragonbane

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