Huma's Dragon Lover


Telltale platinum blonde hair and silver eyes. Usually appears in human form but actually is a silver dragon. Sister of Rhea.

She and Huma fell in love with each other. Asked Paladine to turn her human permanently so she could live and die with Huma. Paladine gave the couple a choice, 1. live together as husband and wife and let the evil dragons ravage the world or 2. be given the Dragonlance and banish the dragons. They choose the Dragonlance and sacrificed their happiness to save the world.

Died with Huma in the final battle against Takhisis‘s avatar and is buried next to him at the mausoleum at the foot of Dragon Mountain in Southern Ergoth. Rhea has always wanted to sacrifice herself for the world and live up to her sister’s legacy but didn’t have the courage until inspired by Juniper Fiddlesticks.


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